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Systems Engineering

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ONE-SYS, your evolutionary companion:

it leverages qualified subject matter experts on tools and processes in the fields of Systems, Software Engineering, and Asset Management.

It applies technologies and best practices recognized by the International Council on Systems Engineering, INCOSE.

ONE-SYS is the ideal methodological partner, capable of providing a comprehensive path for the successful realization of systems, from concept to disposal, throughout the entire lifecycle.


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Our Italian Market, Our Systems Engineering


Our Italian Market, Our Systems Engineering

There are more than 156,754 companies in Italy (Source: Osservitalia), which are considered SMEs, or small and medium-sized enterprises.Small and medium-sized Italian companies are the glue of the ...

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The steps of your evolution

Consulting areas

Assessment Systems Engineering

Systems Engineering Survey

The first important step in understanding the maturity level of an engineering team

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The first important step in understanding the maturity level of an engineering team is undoubtedly conducting an assessment. However, such assessments often require significant effort from all involved parties to delve into the details of individual activities, processes, and generated work products. Over the years, we have developed a different approach: we have devised a "light assessment" called the Systems Engineering Survey.
For more information, please a href='' target='_blank'>watch the videoon our YouTube channel.

Process tailoring


“One size doesn’t fit all”

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ONE-SYS supports companies in the virtuous paths of optimizing engineering processes in any industrial sector, including Automotive, Railways, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Automation, and Medical. We don't invent new methods or processes. Instead, thanks to close relationships with International Working Groups (INCOSE ), which consist of thousands of individuals and hundreds of companies that share and formalize design experiences, we provide our clients with distilled collective expertise. We transform this knowledge into process improvement projects with the aim of achieving a substantial increase in maturity in the field of Systems Engineering.

Ottimizzazione degli strumenti

Toolchain Optimization

Dedicated tools in the field of Systems Engineering

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In today's world, it has become essential to use dedicated tools to support engineering processes. Market standards themselves require a level of detail and information tracking that is now impossible to manage with simple office automation tools. Dedicated tools in the field of Systems Engineering need to be chosen wisely and appropriately configured to support the business effectively. The comprehensiveness of these tools necessitates careful and dedicated configuration by experienced personnel who can advise on the best strategies. The ONE-SYS team consists of experts in toolchains with years of experience in complex industries such as Automotive, Railways, Aerospace & Defense, Industrial Automation, and Medical.

Assistenza Toolchain in Produzione

Toolchain support in production

A team of product specialists and support systems to ensure business continuity

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The toolchain implemented according to customized processes inevitably becomes a focal point of attention for business-related activities. The tools must function based on their configuration, automating as much as possible the previously established and validated design processes. The configuration process continues over time, evolving in parallel with the evolution of the processes. The use of such tools will increasingly be "business critical."
ONE-SYS offers its customers a team of product and system specialists to provide support, ensuring the operational continuity of the toolchain.

Mentorship and training

Empowering people

Human capital is the most important resource of a company; processes and tools will be adopted and utilized by the teams.

That is why ONE-SYS offers a rich catalog of training options: both traditional training courses on methodologies and tools, as well as "training-on-the-job", which involves specific and vertical training on tool customizations and tailored processes.

Both approaches ensure a full understanding of the topics covered and the value of personal growth and individual contributions to work groups.

Our courses

Discover all our training proposals

Requirements management


Specialized training and the configuration of advanced technological platforms

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The ONE-SYS team is committed to supporting its clients in the field of Requirements Management by providing specialized training and configuring advanced technological platforms. The training delivered by the ONE-SYS team aims to equip clients with the necessary knowledge to effectively manage their requirements, offering instruction on requirement analysis techniques, traceability, and change management. The technological platforms supporting the entire requirements management process provide advanced tools for creation and tracking, ensuring the efficiency of requirements management processes. Through the combination of specialized training and advanced technologies, the ONE-SYS team is capable of supporting its clients throughout the Requirements Management process, ensuring product quality and stakeholder satisfaction.

Verification & validation

& validation

Advanced technology platforms and specialized team training

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The ONE-SYS team supports its clients in the area of verification and validation processes through the adoption and configuration of advanced technological platforms and specialized training for client teams. The adoption of a technological platform simplifies the entire verification and validation process. ONE-SYS is the ideal partner capable of customizing the tools to meet the specific needs of clients and following INCOSE best practices. The ONE-SYS team also provides specialized training on verification and validation processes, including the generation and execution of functional and acceptance tests.

MBSE – Model Based Systems Engineering


Understanding and applying Model Based Systems Engineering

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The ONE-SYS team promotes Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) by offering professional training and the use of technological tools. ONE-SYS aims to provide clients with the necessary knowledge to understand the principles of MBSE, its practical application, and best practices for a proper growth path. The training also includes the use of specific market-leading tools for modeling, simulation, and validation, enabling the creation of highly detailed system models and performing advanced analyses to evaluate system performance.

Training per la Certificazione INCOSE

INCOSE certification training

The way to enhance your career in systems engineering

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During the training, ONE-SYS's certified INCOSE instructors will guide participants through all aspects of systems engineering, providing insights into best practices, methodologies, and practical examples of systems engineering application in various contexts. ONE-SYS's certification training utilizes a combination of theoretical lectures, hands-on exercises, and interactive discussion sessions, enabling participants to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully pass the certification exams. With the INCOSE certification training provided by ONE-SYS, participants will gain a deep understanding of systems engineering, improve their careers, and contribute to the creation of high-quality and reliable systems.

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